Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can America have a gay President?

Several amendments failed this past election and gay couples suddenly see themselves as separate and unequal from their straight counterparts. So I wonder (well not really wonder so much as I haven't posted much this week and my Obama-Harry Potter post I was working on didn't get funny, so I feel I need to post something) if America will ever be ready to elect an openly gay President.

The United States has not had a gay President although Abraham Lincoln was said to have driven his horse-drawn cart for half a day, about 3 miles, just to find that perfect duvet cover for the bedroom.

I remember from watching All in the Family how much trouble it was when the country elected a Catholic President, but that worked out fine, eventually. Oh, wait, no it didn't.

So as America temporarily erases the race barrier to our highest elected office, I wonder if we can some day erase all superficial barriers.

Personally, I believe that Americans can elect someone based on
1) how little they offend our beliefs and
2) how much money they can raise

because that's the American Way.

I feel that any candidate who meets those two principles can rise to the office of President.

[inspired by, "Why Gay Marriage Was Defeated in California," By John Cloud – Thu Nov 6]