Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why you shouldn't be here.

This blog sucks. The only thing I've ever done that mattered was lol squids, but I abandoned that project.

But the specific reason this blog sucks is that my linking to your site will generate no positive results. For example, here is The Inspired Library School Student; he was mentioned on and his visitor stats blew up instantly.

But to compare, I just linked to his site, and this will produce nothing significant. No, I'm not comparing the.effing.librarian to, nor would I compare myself to Jessamyn West.

I'm just saying that this is as good as this blog is ever gonna get. I post some crap and a (very) few people read it. You can't ever hope to comment here and get tons of people to click on your profile to increase your visibility. You can't sell more Newman's Own Black Bean & Corn Salsa (a tasty salsa!) because I mention it. I'm not a mover or a shaker. This is it.

I guess I could get a real domain, then I might trick some people into thinking this is a real web site. I just checked network solutions for all the domains left that I could use with the word librarian; there's still (librarian biz) or (librarian@something) or (la librarian) or (librarian organ??) or (librarian comix).

Again, not to compare my page to, but maybe soon you'll see the.effing.librarian rebranded as The Librarian's Organ.

Yes, make all the jokes you want.