Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why the Internet sucks more.

So I'm an old dude. And old dudes have lots of old crap. I was looking through some old cassettes and found one for a band named Amboog-a-Lard. Wow, I thought, I should convert this cassette to mp3 and put it on the Internet to help archive this long lost obscure band.
So then I type Amboog-a-Lard into the googly and lo and behold, there's already a Wikipedia entry for them (???). Who'da thunk?

It seems that one of the band members went on and joined Marilyn Manson (who was called "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids" when I was going to FIU and they used to put their flyers up around campus and we would laugh at them and speculate on the "Kids" complete and total suckage).

Here, I thought this was some completely disappeared band that I could help to salvage from the nothing, but no, it's already been done.

Ditto for the band, Gay Cowboys in Bondage which I saw a few times on Miami Beach when I used to go out and get drunk and dance like a fool. Before I became a librarian. Okay, fine, I still do all that. But I'm making professional blogging here; there could be children in the room. Why did you make me say it?

The Internet has made the world a whole lot smaller. When I can fit the whole world in my 19" monitor, everything loses significance. I need to go outside and catch a lizard or pet a frog or lick a toad.

That's the solution. Go outside, you idiots! No, don't take time to get dressed. Go out now! Yes, I know I can see your ass: why the hell do you think I'm shouting!!!??? Get you naked ass outside!