Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin criticized for using personal email account

So I guess you've heard that Sarah Palin had her Yahoo! email account hacked by the group known as anonymous. (one story here)

I'd read some criticism last week about Palin's use of a personal email account to avoid having her official state business scrutinized. And you know, I don't care. I don't care about what she texts to her friends. And I don't care about what she texts to the CEO of Exxon. Okay, maybe I care about that.

But what did anonymous learn from hacking the future president's email account? There were a few emails that looked like official business, and sure there was this recipe she emailed to a friend:

Sarah's Polar Bear Fondue
One polar bear, cleaned
10 pounds flour
4 dozen eggs
50 pounds Gruyere
50 pounds Emmental
corn starch
6 bottles dry white wine
1 pound garlic, peeled, crushed
serve with Triscuits, yummers!

But not much else.

My concern with Sarah Palin is that she exhibited no skill in choosing her email address: I mean, come on. She was trying to hide her official business in a personal email account, but chose "gov.palin"??? And her argument is going to be that this is used for personal, private communication?

She should have learned from previous presidents to conceal her identity:
Abraham Lincoln:
Teddy Roosevelt:
Richard Nixon:

So really, Sarah, for shame. And what was your password that they were able to crack your account so easily? baracuda1?