Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yeah, what the Frankenstein monster said. (Fire. Bad.)

I don't understand our love of fire. Not the hot stuff that cooks food, but the word.

Already, we have:
Firefox (web browser)
Fire Dog (Circuit City's tech-nerds)
Fire crotch (something some idiot almost-celebrity called another idiot slightly-better-known-celebrity)
Firebird (Marvel comics, yeah, like there wouldn't be a comic book character called Firebird)

Does the descriptor "fire" make you want the thing more?

Now Yahoo! just released what seems to be a really cool and useful web app which they mistakenly named Fire Eagle.

Pretty sure that name has to go. Why pick something that sounds like the already super-popular Firefox, or even fire crotch?

But I bet some executive really loved "Fire." And another equally useless executive liked animals. So everyone sat around on some Tuesday afternoon and came up with every conceivable combination of "Fire" and some animal.
Fire Chicken.
Fire Skunk.
Fire Coatimundi.
Fire Whale.
Fire Python.
Fire Hamster.
Fire Mullet.
Fire Squid.
Fire Beagle.

Sadly, no one came up with Fire Kitteh, which would be really awesomely cute.

A slightly less powerful (and former) Yahoo! executive submitted these:
Fire Ass.
Fire Beaver.
Fire Clown.

The thing that makes Fire Eagle cool, unlike the name, is that it can track wherever you are in order for total strangers to find you and kill you. Oh, wait, strike that. Invite you out for a drink.

But it could make the Internet more of a "local" experience. And that could be cool.

FYI: The most popular use for "fire" around my library is, "When is someone going to fire that effing librarian?"