Wednesday, November 14, 2007

XO Laptop

I'm not a super nerd who has an Xbox or a PS2 or 3. I don't get into tech in any way other than, hey, I need to do this thing, what ways are there to do it?
So I wasn't waiting for public sales of the XO Laptop. But I saw the commercial about donating and I took a look at the website. I usually waste my money on useless crap, and I don't have huge expenses, so it was easy for me to decide to give some money to donate a laptop to some kid somewhere in the world. And since the extra $200 (plus $25 shipping) for a second XO didn't seem like a burden, I donated to the G1G1 program.

I don't know what I'll do with this laptop when I get it. Maybe we can use it for some kids' program where we read about children in other countries. I don't know. Maybe you have some good ideas. When and if I get it, I'll let you know.

But if you think you have $425 lying around, you might want to get one before the 11/26 deadline. Or just donate the $200 and feel good about giving some guerrilla or terrorist an easier way to communicate,.. ok, "child"... until it's stolen by guerrillas.