Wednesday, November 28, 2007

why 2.0 represents the loss of hope

I just finished watching a not-very-good movie, but one of the characters said this:

People just want someone to love. If they can't have that, give them something to hope for. If you can't give them that, then just give them something to do.

When we create a world where everyone spends their time blogging and tagging and commenting and linking, we're just giving them something to do because we've lost hope. Hope is the thing with feathers which isn't the same as the ability to fly in Second Life.

Never mind that we can't find love.

I don't mean to give your day a kick in the ass, but log off now, disconnect from the Web and connect with another person. Go down the hall or cross over to the next cubicle and say, Hi. Or offer to get someone a cup of coffee. Or ask how the kids are doing.

Because I'm the egocentric ass that I am, I have enough love in my life: I love me. But if you're like me, you didn't come here to make my life better, you came here to make your life better.

So that's my advice. Leave. Close that Second Life window. Log off Facebook. Tell Meebo you are unavailable. Then call your mom or your spouse or your kid or your comic book seller. No matter how many times she hears you say you love her, one more time ain't gonna hurt.

And send me some effing love. Not that I care.