Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Half-assed review of The Librarians

So I just watched the first episode of The Librarians (online here), and it was funny enough. First episodes are always difficult because you need to establish your characters (some shows jump right in and wait until the third show to do it, but still).

But as far as it being about libraries, there's not too much that happens that couldn't have happened in a toy story or a laundromat. I thought this bit was funny (I'll paraphrase for Americans):

Dawn: You have an overdue of $17, would you like pay that today?
Patron: [stonefaced] No.
Dawn: Fair enough. (And gives the patron the books.)

At one point Christine is reading, What Color are Your Knickers? to some children. We don't have that book or it's American version, What Color is Your Underwear? at our library. It looks like a really funny book:
"The cleverly engineered What Color Is Your Underwear? (text and illustrations
by Sam Lloyd, 2004) will provide lots of fun for both preschoolers and early
readers as they lift each flap to see animals in their crazy, colorful
underwear. Across two-page spreads, Harry Horse, Tommy Turtle, and Susie Sheep
show off boxers and bloomers. First published in the United Kingdom as What
Color Are Your Knickers? in 2003, this book presents color words and rhyming
text in a delightful reading experience." (from here)

Frances is someone who abuses the power of her position, but has no authority otherwise. She's kind of obtuse; she looks at people without seeing who they are and forms opinions about people that will never change; she torments the weak. She's an interesting character, similar to Jill in Nighty Night, but not nearly as evil.

I think I'll watch the whole series.