Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One Mustache to Rule Them All

Sweden. Librarians. Communism. Mustaches.

So if you've ever actually looked at my page instead of randomly clicking on things to avoid work, you've noticed that I have some news stories over there on the left. And when I look at my page, I sometimes "click" with my "mouse" on the "links" to those stories and I'm able to "jump" to the page where the story is. That is the wonder of the "World Wide Web."

So here's a story about school librarians in Sweden promoting Communism to students. And this news report is opposed to the propaganda that says communism is cool.

But then right next to this story is this one about a mustache contest and I'll be damned if that picture isn't of a proud, bushy, worker's Marx-stache.

So which is it, Sweden? You can't fear the ideology and love the mustache. It's time to extend the mustache comb of peace.

Yeah, I know, I'll delete this tomorrow.