Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Blog Day!!!!!!

Ok, I didn't know what that was, either, but here's the link. They're an org, and everything.
But the rules seem to be that they want us to link to 5 blogs we wouldn't normally visit or ones we'd like to pass along.
But my rules were a little different.
The band Supergrass had to be in your profile.
You had to have blogged within the last week.
Something on your page had to be appealing.

With those rules, I could only find three blogs before I lost interest.
First is:
Sophalopalus is good for your brain. Like the title. Funny About Me:
"I like to be clever. I also like to be cute. Clever and cute is a formidable combination. It's best if you stand back."
Mrs Thistletwat's Prickly Bush . You can't read that name and not laugh.
Thoughts of a Viking . Vikings. Great. But she seems to be popular already, so she probably doesn't need the link.

And I'm supposed to add this somewhere??? Man, this is too much work.