Sunday, August 26, 2007

How would you categorize this website?

What subject would it be under? I only thought of this because I know you think about it; you think, "Hey, this is a great site. In fact, it's the greatest site ever created. If this site had never been created, I would stare at the sun until my eyes dried out and shriveled up like tiny raisins. Because I don't want to see anything ever again if the.effing.librarian isn't the most beautiful, amazing, fabulous, thing I have ever seen. I love love love the.effing.librarian. But how can I share these wonderful feelings with others?"

So it's natural for me to wonder how to describe this stuff so that more true believers can find it. And I need to know under what category to list it in all those online blog directories.

Now, I don't think I've ever discussed anything that could affect librarians, so I guess this isn't a professional blog.
And since I make up most of this crap, this isn't a personal blog.
And since you've seen what passes for jokes around here, this isn't a humor blog.

Is there a category for "a-hole" blogs? For, "let's see what this idiot says today" blogs?

I know there's some saying about "no one should be judge in his own cause," so I guess I need some suggestions on how I should catalog this mess so I don't do it myself. Because I'd put it under "Religion."

Thanks for the help. And Bless You.